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Logo ID 01-000522
Approved Date 2010/01/15
Application ID KR-20091208-000167
Applied Date 2009/12/08
OEM Licensor's Logo ID -
Note -
Target Information Application Phase Phase-1
Test Category -
Vendor Name CKBS(Canon Korea Business Solutions) Inc.
Country KR
Product Name CKBS-made IPv6 Stack
Product Version -
Product Classification Host
Product Description CKBS made IPv6 stack for Printer, Multi Function Printer and other network attached OA products
Vendor's Note -
Test Information Test Specification 4.0.5
Interoperability Test Scneario 4.0.3
Information for Series of Product -
1 Vendor Name CISCO
Device Name 7206VXR
Version 12.2(15)T
2 Vendor Name MODACOM
Device Name UROAD2000
Version 2.12.0
1 Vendor Name MicroSoft
Device Name Windows Vista
Version Home Premium(Enterprise K Service Pack 1)
2 Vendor Name The FreeBSD Project
Device Name FreeBSD
Version 5.4-RELEASE
Target supporting
Advanced Functions:
o Transmitting Echo Requests(Passive Node)