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Logo ID 01-000567
Approved Date 2011/03/04
Application ID CA-20101207-000114
Applied Date 2010/12/07
OEM Licensor's Logo ID -
Note -
Target Information Application Phase Phase-1
Test Category -
Vendor Name NewAE
Country CA
Product Name FIP
Product Version 0.5
Product Classification Host
Product Description FIP is an open-source IPv6 stack designed to run on many embedded targets. It can run on small 8-bit targets or larger 32-bit processors, with parameters configurable to not waste space on the small targets while still maintaining good performance on the larger targets.
Vendor's Note -
Test Information Test Specification 4.0.6
Interoperability Test Scneario 4.0.4
Information for Series of Product
FIP is running on it's "Simulator" environment, where it is built on a Windows XP host and controls the Ethernet of that PC.
1 Vendor Name FreeBSD
Device Name FreeBSD
Version 7.2
2 Vendor Name OpenBSD
Device Name OpenBSD
Version 4.4
1 Vendor Name Red Hat
Device Name Enterprise Linux
Version 6
2 Vendor Name NetBSD
Device Name NetBSD
Version 5.1
Target supporting
Advanced Functions:
o Transmitting Echo Requests(Passive Node)