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Logo ID 02-C-000931
Approved Date 2013/03/15
Application ID CN-2-C-20130216-000242
Applied Date 2013/02/16
Usage Agreement Agreed
OEM Licensor's Logo ID -
Note -
Target Information Application Phase Phase-2
Test Category Core Protocols
Vendor Name Bluedon Information Security Technologies Co., Ltd.
Country CN
Product Name BD-Firewall(FE) / BD-Firewall(GE)
Product Version V2.0
Product Classification Router
Product Description Bluedon Firewall offers a powerful gateway security function to help the companies,government and schools to settle down basic protection measurements within the network connection.This firewall not only provide the traditional packet filer,Network Address Translation (NAT),transparent proxy,but also contains the hot backup,intrusion detection and prevention, traffic control,load balancing,DHCP settings,IPSEC VPN,SSL VPN,PPTP,log management and other functions. The Blue firewall is high-efficiency and high-security.It can protect the internal network according to the security rules set by the administrator;provide improved security settings;and control the access with the high-performance network core,The system uses a modular design with intuitive, simple web interface for system configuration and operation.It's a powerful, safe network security system.
Vendor's Note
    In Test IP6Interop.1.6 Path MTU discovery and Fragment Mention, the first ping does not succeed while the NUT performing NS/NA. It is acceptable since the examiner confirmed by captured packets that NUT is performing NS/NA and following ping succeeded.
Test Information Test Specification 4.0.6
Interoperability Test Scneario 4.0.4
Information for Series of Product
1 Vendor Name Ubuntu Project
Device Name Ubuntu 7.10
Version 2.6.15-26
2 Vendor Name The KAME Project
Device Name KAME on FreeBSD 5.4-RELEASE
Version kame-20060116-freebsd54-snap
1 Vendor Name The FreeBSD Project
Device Name FreeBSD
Version 7.1-RELEASE-p15
2 Vendor Name USAGI Project
Device Name USAGI
Version usagi-linux26-s20060327
Target supporting
Advanced Functions:
o Transmitting Echo Requests(Passive Node)
- Configuring Multicast Packet Size
- Multicast Routing(Router Only)
- RFC 4191 Type C Host(Host Only)
- Duplicate Overlapping Fragments
- Beyond Scope of Source Address(Router Only)
- Tracking Connections for ICMPv6
- Router Advertisement DNS (Host Only)