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Logo ID 02-C-001574
Approved Date 2016/12/22
Application ID CN-2-C-20161208-000450
Applied Date 2016/12/08
Usage Agreement Agreed
OEM Licensor's Logo ID -
Note -
Target Information Application Phase Phase-2
Test Category Core Protocols
Vendor Name Legendsec Information Technology(Beijing)Inc.
Country CN
Product Name Legedsec SecDDoS 3600 Anti DDoS system
Product Version V4.0
Product Classification Host
Product Description Legedsec SecDDoS 3600 Anti DDoS system mainly realizes the algorithm for defense against DoS / DDoS attacks, mainly of SYN Flood, UDP flood, ICMP flood, ICMP flood, fragment flood, HTTP proxy flood, flood the CC proxy connection exhausted and all kinds of common attacks, defense.
Product range of use: can be deployed in the network boundary, the use of transparent deployment to provide network traffic filtering, mainly for monitoring and defense DDoS attack traffic.
Vendor's Note -
Test Information Test Specification 4.0.4
Interoperability Test Scneario 4.0.6
Information for Series of Product
1 Vendor Name FreeBSD Project
Device Name FreeBSD
Version 9.1-release
2 Vendor Name Ubuntu Project
Device Name Ubuntu
Version 12.04.2 LTS
1 Vendor Name OpenBSD Project
Device Name OpenBSD
Version 5.3
2 Vendor Name NetBSD Project
Device Name NetBSD
Version 6.0
Target supporting
Advanced Functions:
- Transmitting Echo Requests or configuring packet size (Passive Node)
- Multicast Routing
- MTU Configuration
- RFC 4191 Type C Host
- Duplicate Overlapping Fragments