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Logo ID 02-C-002244
Approved Date 2021/07/26
Application ID US-2-C-20210715-000924
Applied Date 2021/07/15
Usage Agreement Agreed
OEM Licensor's Logo ID -
Note -
Target Information Application Phase Phase-2
Test Category Core Protocols
Vendor Name Arista Networks
Country US
Product Name DCS-7280SR-48C6, DCS-7280SRA-48C6, DCS-7280TR-48C6, DCS-7280TRA-48C6, DCS-7280SRAM-48C6, DCS-7280QR-C36, DCS-7280SRM-40CX2, DCS-7020SR-32C2, DCS-7020SR-24C2, DCS-7020SRG-24C2, DCS-7020TR-48, DCS-7020TRA-48, DCS-7280CR2K-30, DCS-7280CR2A-30, DCS-7280SR2-48YC6, DCS-7280SR2A-48YC6, DCS-7280PR3-24, DCS-7280PR3K-24, DCS-7280DR3-24, DCS-7280DR3K-24, DCS-7280QRA-C36S, DCS-7280CR2M-30, DCS-7280CR3-32P4, DCS-7280CR3K-32P4, DCS-7280CR3MK-32P4, DCS-7280CR3MK-32P4S, DCS-7280CR3-32D4, DCS-7280CR3K-32D4, DCS-7280CR3MK-32D4, DCS-7280CR3MK-32D4S, DCS-7280SR2K-48C6, DCS-7280CR3-96, DCS-7280CR3K-96, DCS-7280CR-48, DCS-7280CR2-60, DCS-7280CR2A-60, DCS-7280CR2K-60, DCS-7504, DCS-7504N, DCS-7508, DCS-7508N, DCS-7512N, DCS-7516N, DCS-7804-CH, DCS-7808-CH, DCS-7800R3-48CQ-LC, DCS-7800R3-48CQ2-LC, DCS-7800R3-48CQMS-LC, DCS-7800R3-48CQM2-LC, DCS-7800R3K-48CQ-LC, DCS-7800R3-48CQM-LC, DCS-7800R3-36P-LC, DCS-7800R3K-36DM-LC, DCS-7800R3-36D-LC, DCS-7500R3-24P-LC, DCS-7500R-48S2CQ-LC, DCS-7500R2AK-48YCQ-LC, DCS-7
Product Version EOS 4.26.1FX-UNH
Product Classification Router
Product Description Arista DCS-7280R Series Next Generation IP Data Center Interconnect L2 & L3 platforms, powered by a single binary EOS Software.
Vendor's Note -
Test Information Test Specification 5.0.1
Interoperability Test Scneario 5.0.3
Information for Series of Product
1 Vendor Name Cisco
Device Name Nexus 9000
Version 9.3(7)
2 Vendor Name Juniper
Device Name MX80
Version 20.3R1.8
1 Vendor Name Apple
Device Name MacOS
Version 11.3.1
2 Vendor Name Microsoft
Device Name Windows OS
Version 10
Target supporting
Advanced Functions:
o Transmitting Echo Requests or configuring packet size (Passive Node)
- Multicast Routing
o MTU Configuration
o RFC 4191 Type C Host
o Duplicate Overlapping Fragments