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Logo ID 02-C-002548
Approved Date 2022/12/24
Application ID CN-2-C-20221207-001085
Applied Date 2022/12/07
Usage Agreement Agreed
OEM Licensor's Logo ID -
Note -
Target Information Application Phase Phase-2
Test Category Core Protocols
Vendor Name LucciTech (Shenzhen) Ltd
Country CN
Product Name Luccitech LC
Product Version v1.2.5
Product Classification Host
Product Description LucciTech LC is a comprehensive multi-cloud security application delivery platform independently developed by LucciTech (Shenzhen) Ltd, which integrates load balancing, TCP optimization management, SSL, data compression cache optimization, SSO, IPS, WAF and other technical means to ensure that sufficient IT is maintained in today's new business environment Flexibility and delivers adjustable security, high availability, and optimization. At the same time, it leverages network optimization/acceleration to ensure that business applications for users can be delivered quickly, securely, and reliably to internal employees and external service groups.
Vendor's Note -
Test Information Test Specification 5.1.2
Interoperability Test Scneario 5.0.5
Information for Series of Product
1 Vendor Name FreeBSD Project
Device Name FreeBSD
Version 9.1-release
2 Vendor Name OpenBSD Project
Device Name OpenBSD
Version 5.3
1 Vendor Name Microsoft
Device Name Windows 10
Version 1903
2 Vendor Name Ubuntu Project
Device Name Ubuntu
Version 18.04.5
Target supporting
Advanced Functions:
- Transmitting Echo Requests(Passive Node)
- Configuring Multicast Packet Size
- Multicast Routing(Router Only)
o RFC 4191 Type C Host(Host Only)
o Duplicate Overlapping Fragments
- Beyond Scope of Source Address(Router Only)
- Tracking Connections for ICMPv6
- Router Advertisement DNS (Host Only)