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Logo ID 02-C-002901
Approved Date 2024/05/31
Application ID US-2-C-20240513-001122
Applied Date 2024/05/13
Usage Agreement Agreed
OEM Licensor's Logo ID -
Note -
Target Information Application Phase Phase-2
Test Category Core Protocols
Vendor Name Super Micro Computer, Inc.
Country US
Product Name System Mainstream: SYS-621P, SYS-741P, SYS-221P, SYS-511R-M, SYS-111R-M, SYS-511R-ML, AS -2024S, SYS-220P, SYS-620P, SYS-740P, SYS-510P, SYS-510T-M, SYS-510T-MR, SYS-110T, AS -2014S-TR, AS -3014TS-i Workstation: SYS-531R-I, SYS-521R-T, AS -1015A, SYS-740A-T, SYS-730A-I, SYS-510T-ML, SYS-530T-I , SYS-551A-T, SYS-531A-I, AS -5014A-TT, SYS-540A-TR GPU server: SYS-821GE-TNHR, SYS-421GE, SYS-821GV, AS -8125GS-TNHR, SYS-741GE, SYS-751GE, SYS-521GE-TNRT, SYS-221GE-TNHT-LCC, SYS-421GU-TNXR, AS -4125GS, AS -2124GQ-NART, SYS-420GP, SYS-420GU-TNXR, AS -4124GQ, SYS-220GP, SYS-740GP, SYS-420GH, AS -4124GS, SYS-210GP-DNR Hyper: AS -1125HS-TNR, AS -2025HS-TNR, AS -2125HS-TNR GrandTwin: SYS-211GT, AS -2115GT Embedded: SYS-111E, SYS-511E, SYS-521E, SYS-E403-13E-FRN2T, AS -1015CS-TNR, AS -1115CS-TNR, AS -2015CS-TNR, ASG-2015S, AS -1015SV-WTNRT, AS -1115SV-WTNRT, AS -2015SV-WTNRT, AS -1115S-FWTRT, AS -1115S-FDWTRT, SYS-210SE, SYS-210P, SYS-110P, SYS-510P, SYS-520P, SYS-E403-12P-FN2T, SYS-E403-12P-IPA2-C, SYS-510D, SYS-E300-12D, SYS-E200-12D, SYS-110D, SYS-E200-12A, SYS-E302-12A, SYS-110A-16C-RN10SP, SYS-110A-24C-RN10SP, SYS-110C-FHN4T Microcloud: SYS-531MC-H8TNR, AS -3015MR-H8TNR, SYS-530MT Super Storage: SSG-631E, SSG-641E, SSG-621E, SSG-620P, SSG-640P, SSG-520P, SSG-540P FatTwin: AS -F1114S-RNTR, AS -F2014S-RNTR, SYS-F610P2-RTN, SYS-F620P3-RTBN CloudDC: SYS-121C, SYS-611C-TN4R, SYS-621C-TN12R, AS -1114CS-TNR, AS -2014CS-TR, SYS-120C-TN10R, SYS-120C-TR, SYS-610C-TR, SYS-620C-TN12R Ultra: SYS-120H, SYS-220HE, SYS-620H, SYS-220H, SYS-120U, SYS-610U, SYS-220U, SYS-620U WIO: AS -1114S-WN10RT, AS -2114S-WN24RT, AS -1024US-TRT, AS -1124US-TNRP, AS -2024US-TRT, AS -2124US-TNRP, AS -1114S-WN10RT, AS -2114S-WN24RT, AS -1024US-TNR MP-4Way: SYS-241H-TNRTTP, SYS-241E-TNRTTP, SYS-240P-TNRT, SYS-440P-TNRT Motherboard: Gen 13: X13DEG-OAD, X13DEG-D, X13DEG-M, X13DEG-PVC, H13DSG-O-CPU-D, X13DEG-QT, X13QEH+, X13SET-GC, X13SET-G, X13DAI, X13DDW-A, X13DEG-OA, X13DEG-R, X13DEI, X13DEI-T, X13DEI-T, X13DGU, X13SEI-F, X13SEI-T, X13SEW-F, X13SEW-TF, X13SCD-F, X13SCH-F, X13SCH-LN4F, X13SCH-SYS, X13SCL-F, X13SCL-IF, H13DSG-O-CPU, H13DSH, H13SSL-N, H13SSL-NT, H13SST-GC, H13SST-G, H13SSW, H13SVW-N, H13SVW-NT , H13SRA-F, H13SRA-TF, H13SAE-MF, H13SRD-F, M13SAE-MF, M13SRD-F Gen 12: H12DGO-6, H12DSG-Q-CPU6, X12DGO-6, X12DSC-6, X12DGU, X12SPT-GC, X12SPT-G, H12DGQ-NT6, H12DSI-N6, H12DSI-NT6, H12SSFR-AN6, H12SSW-AN6, X12DAI-N6, X12DDW-A6, X12DHM-6, X12DHM, X12DPFR-AN6, X12DPG-AR, X12DPG-QBT6, X12DPG-QT6, X12DPG-QT, X12DPG-U6, X12DPI-N6, X12DPI-NT6, X12DPI-NT6, X12DPL-I6, X12DPL-NT6, X12DPU-6, X12DSC-A6, X12SPED-F, X12SPI-TF, X12SPL-F, X12SPL-LN4F, X12SPM-LN4F, X12SPM-LN6TF, X12SPM-TF, X12SPO-F, X12SPO-NTF, X12SPW-F, X12SPW-TF, X12SPZ-LN4F, X12SPZ-SPLN6F, X12STD-F, X12STE-F, X12STH-F, X12STH-LN4F, X12STH-SYS, X12STL-F, X12STL-IF, X12SDV-10C-SP6F, X12SDV-10C-SPT4F, X12SDV-16C-SPT8F, X12SDV-20C-SPT8F, X12SDV-4C-SP6F, X12SDV-4C-SPT4F, X12SDV-4C-SPT8F, X12SDV-8CE-SP4F, X12SDV-8C-SP6F, X12SDV-8C-SPT4F, X12SDV-8C-SPT8F, X13SAE-F, X13SWA-TF, X13SRA-TF, M12SWA-TF, H12DSG-O-CPU, H12DSU-INR, H12SSL-C, H12SSL-CT, H12SSL-I, H12SSL-NT, H12SSW-INR, H12SSW-NTR, A3SPI-4C-HLN4F, A3SPI-4C-LN6PF, A3SPI-8C-HLN4F, A3SPI-8C-LN6PF, A3SSV-16C-SPLN10F, A3SSV-24C-SPLN10F, A3SSV-8C-SPLN10F, X12QCH, X12SCA-5F, X12SCA-F, X12SCZ-F, X12SCZ-F-SM005, X12SCZ-QF, X12SCZ-TLN4F, X12SCZ-TLN4F-SM005, X12QCH+, X12SPA-TF, X12SPG-NF
Product Version Generation 12: 01.04.03, Generation 13: 01.02.04
Product Classification Host
Product Description Supermicro Server Baseboard Management Controller
Vendor's Note -
Test Information Test Specification 5.1.3
Interoperability Test Scneario 5.0.6
Information for Series of Product
1 Vendor Name Juniper
Device Name MX80
Version 20.3R3.8
2 Vendor Name Ruckus
Device Name ICX 7259
Version 08.0.95dT213
1 Vendor Name Microsoft
Device Name Windows
Version 10
2 Vendor Name Ubuntu
Device Name Ubuntu OS
Version 20.04.2 LTS
Target supporting
Advanced Functions:
- Transmitting Echo Requests(Passive Node)
- Configuring Multicast Packet Size
- Multicast Routing(Router Only)
o RFC 4191 Type C Host(Host Only)
o Duplicate Overlapping Fragments
- Beyond Scope of Source Address(Router Only)
- Tracking Connections for ICMPv6
- Router Advertisement DNS (Host Only)