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Logo ID 02-CS-000469
Approved Date 2011/02/28
Application ID US-2-S-20101222-000147
Applied Date 2010/12/22
Usage Agreement Agreed
OEM Licensor's Logo ID -
Note -
Target Information Application Phase Phase-2
Test Category IPsec
Vendor Name SonicWALL
Country US
Product Name NSA Series
Product Version SonicOS 5.5
Product Classification SGW
Product Description With advanced routing, stateful high-availability and high-speed VPN technology, the NSA Series provides security, reliability, functionality and productivity for branch offices, central sites and distributed mid-enterprise networks, while minimizing cost and complexity.
Vendor's Note
    In 5.2.11 Interoperability test, when FreeBSD sends Echo Request with ESP, it sends only one piece of the first fragmented Echo Reqeust with ESP  When the interface is brought down and up, so the first ping packet is always lost.
Test Information Test Specification 1.10.0
Interoperability Test Scneario 1.10.0
Information for Series of Product
IPv6 Core Protocols Logo ID 02-C-000469
Tunnel SGW
1 Vendor Name Red Hat, Inc.
Device Name Fedora
Version 9
2 Vendor Name The FreeBSD Foundation
Device Name FreeBSD
Version 8.1-release
Target supporting
Advanced Functions
Mode o Tunnel
Policy - Bypass
o Discard
Algorithm ESP Encryption o 3DES-CBC
- AES-CBC (128-bit)
- CAMELLIA-CBC (128-bit)
ESP Authentication o HMAC-SHA1
- HMAC-SHA-256
IPsec v3 features o Support of ICMP message type/code
o Ping6 is implemented
o Dummy Packet (No Next Header) handling
- TFC Padding (Transport Mode)
- TFC Padding (Tunnel Mode)