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Logo ID 02-CS-000828
Approved Date 2012/12/18
Application ID US-2-S-20121029-000154
Applied Date 2012/10/29
Usage Agreement Agreed
OEM Licensor's Logo ID -
Note -
Target Information Application Phase Phase-2
Test Category IPsec
Vendor Name Mellanox
Country US
Product Name SX1036
Product Version 3.2.0233
Product Classification End-Node
Product Description The SX1035/SX1036 switch system provides the highest-performing fabric solution in a 1U form factor by delivering up to 2.88Tb/s of non-blocking throughput to High-Performance Computing, High Frequency Trading and Enterprise Data Centers, with ultra low-latency. The SX1035/SX1036 is ideally suited as a top-of-rack access switch providing 10GigE connectivity to servers and 40GigE uplinks to the next level of aggregation switching.
The SX1035/SX1036 switch has a rich set of networking and application performance features that excel in any data center, making this switch the perfect solution for your network.
Vendor's Note -
Test Information Test Specification 1.10.0
Interoperability Test Scneario 1.10.0
Information for Series of Product -
IPv6 Core Protocols Logo ID 02-C-000828
Transport (End-Node)
1 Vendor Name Strongswan
Device Name Strongswan
Version U4.5.0/K2.6.38-8-generic
2 Vendor Name FreeBSD
Device Name FreeBSD
Version 8.2
Tunnel End-Node
1 Vendor Name -
Device Name -
Version -
2 Vendor Name -
Device Name -
Version -
Target supporting
Advanced Functions
Mode - Tunnel
Policy o Bypass
- Discard
Algorithm ESP Encryption o 3DES-CBC
- AES-CBC (128-bit)
- CAMELLIA-CBC (128-bit)
ESP Authentication o HMAC-SHA1
- HMAC-SHA-256
IPsec v3 features - Support of ICMP message type/code

- Dummy Packet (No Next Header) handling
- TFC Padding (Transport Mode)
- TFC Padding (Tunnel Mode)