To Users:

The IPv6 Ready Logo is to be used by individuals/companies that have assessed that their products or technologies comply with the requirements designated by the IPv6 Logo Program Committee.

The IPv6 Ready Logo can only be used under the following representations made by individuals/companies who desire to use the IPv6 Ready Logo. Please understand that this IPv6 Ready Logo Programme is built upon your trust to such individuals/companies' representations.

About Applicant for use of the IPv6 Ready Logo:

This representation is confirmed by the applicant for use of the IPv6 Ready Logo Phase-2 whose information in accordance below,

Logo ID : 02-C-000770
Application ID : TW-2-C-20120322-000269
Country Name : Taiwan
Company Name : D-Link
Address : No.289, Xinhu 3Rd., Neihu District, Taipei City 114, Taiwan, R.O.C
Name and Title of Contact Person : Abbie Lin Senior Product Planner
Date : 2012/04/19


We hereby make the following representations (the "Representations") for the purpose of using the IPv6 Ready Logo.

1. Definitions

Unless the context otherwise requires, the following words and expressions shall have the following meanings:

"Committee" shall mean the IPv6 Logo Program Committee which is working under the supervision of the IPv6 Forum, whose purpose is solely to set guidelines for the application of the Logo and to monitor the use of these guidelines.

"Confirmed Product/Technology" shall mean our products and/or technologies as specified by us in the application form submitted to the Committee, and confirmed by the Committee for which the requirements designated by the Committee to confirm their interoperability are fully satisfied. Any update and/or modification of or to Confirmed Product/Technology shall also be deemed as Confirmed Product/Technology to the extent that such update and/or modification satisfies the said requests, and that we request and want such conformity.

"Confirmed Category" shall mean one of the following categories to which our Confirmed Product/Technology belongs:

o Router BOX
o Host BOX
o Operating System
o Protocol stack

"Logo" shall mean the IPv6 Ready Logo which is indicated on the above.

2. Representations

We represent and warrant as follows:

*Note: The sentences above indicate that it is not our responsibility for any illegal use of the Logo by others.

The terms hereof may be amended at any time in accordance with terms of the Representations as amended by the Committee, after the completion and resolution of public review on the amendment(s). The fact that the terms have been changed will be highlighted on the IPv6 Forum's website [], in respect of any changes made within the previous 30 days. The amended terms will be effective immediately upon posting on the said website and we hereby irrevocably and unconditionally agree to be bound by the amended terms from the date of the posting on the said website. The terms hereof may not be amended otherwise.