Administrative Documents

IPv6 Core Protocols (Router, Host)

DHCPv6 (Client, Server, Relay Agent)

NOTE: If you are trying to obtain the DHCPv6 Logo and facing difficulty finding a counter part implementation for meeting the Interoperability requirement, please consult us.

Dibbler Update: As there are few DHCPv6 client implemetations which satisfy our interoperability requirements, BII has developed the patch for Dibbler. You can download it here.

IPSec (End-Node, Security Gateway)

SNMP (Agent, Manager)

CE Router (Router: CPE, Home Gateway, Wireless AP)


6LoWPAN (Host, Router)

IKEv2 (End-Node, Security Gateway)


MIPv6 (Correspondent Node, Home Agent, Mobile Node)

MLDv2 (Router, Listener)

NEMO (Home Agent, Mobile Router)

SIP (UA, Endpoint, B2BUA, Proxy, Registrar)